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Case Studies

A wide range of projects have been delivered for clients in both Public and Private Sectors over the last 15 years. The following examples are a small sub-set of those assignments. Further case studies are available.

Implementation of an EDRM Solution to a Scottish Regional Council

West Lothian CouncilThis project required the delivery of business, technical, change management and benefits realisation workstreams. Working to some significant time constraints the project succesfully delivered the implementation to 800 users as part of a pilot implementation and provided the implementation methodology and supporting collateral to allow the Council to deliver the remaining implementation without further external assistance.

Bringing Enterprise Resource Planning to a Supported Principality

This was a large scale implementation of an ERP solution - Microsoft Dynamics AX. The first phase saw significant focus on Isle of Man Governmentthe under pinnning accounting structure to allow accurate reporting to the UK Government. Due to the mission critical nature of the implementation, significant focus also rested on development of a highly resilient and scalable environment.

Implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution to a specialist Printing Company

Burrels of WisbechThis was a highly bespoke implementation of a Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution to a specialist printing company involving some 350 staff. The solution required significant application development from in-house and off-shore, sub-contract development teams to meet the specific needs of the Customer. The solution provided integrated financial management, order processing, ERP, MRP and shop floor data capture solutions. The solution was deployed to a number of sites across the UK and Hong Kong.

Upgrade of a Central Government EDRM Solution

Project Management of a time critical upgrade of a Central Government EDRM Solution for 5,500 users in 13 sites across the country. A highly technical project carrying significant risks, involving teams The Scottish Governmentacross the UK and Australia.


EDRM Deployment to Central Government Organisation

The Welsh GovernmentInitial deployment of an EDRMS to a large Central Government organisation. This was a large partnership implementation involving significant planning and scheduling activity and risk management.


Electronic Document and Records Management to a Scottish Directorate

A small implementation of EDRM of 350 Users to a Scottish Directorate. The project involved not only the EDRM solution design but also procurement of the technical infrastructure to support the solution.

National Fisheries for Scotland - Research Vessel 



Supply Chain Logistics, ERP and CRM to a distribution and manufacturing organisation

WellWellWell Ltd

This organisation was involved in water bottling and distribution. The solution (using Microsoft Dynamics AX) encompassed works order processing and water extraction, distribution, distribution planning, billing and call centre management. The solution was rolled out over 18 months to sites across the south of England.